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CapX Ventures

Value-add, Cash-flowing
Oil & Gas Investments

What We Do

CapX Ventures is a syndicator and asset manager of value-add oil and gas fields with 280 operating wells and 40,000 lease acres under ownership. Our particular focus is acquiring US-based, under-performing and under-valued fields already producing oil and natural gas, then implementing repairs and workovers to rapidly increase production and its associated cash flow returns.

CapX Ventures principals invest their own funds in their syndicated acquisitions, and regularly work with brokers, operators, and accredited investors.


Who We Are

Will Crozier

Adapting and thriving in a post COVID world, Will continues to lead in value-add investing by co-sponsoring Oil & Gas syndications. These deals are generally acquired "off market" and provides many opportunities for rennovations and operational improvements, yielding dramatic increases in production.

Will is a long term Bitcoin "HODLER", who regularly helps to educate beginners and push for adoption in this space. He has experience in crypto mining as well as reducing remittance fees in developing countries via the Lightning Network.

Since 2011, Will has co-founded two multi-family investment firms in Texas. Will has transacted over $350MM as deal sponsor / syndicator, totaling over 10,000 units. Every deal to date has returned over 100% profit to the investment group with a typical hold time of 3 years.

Will enjoys international travel for business and adventure, and is obsessed with cars and music. He regularly organizes and sponsors children’s medical / surgical outreaches in SE Asia. Will is on the Board of Directors of the Ruel Foundation, which provides vital medical care to needy children in the Philippines.

Jason Sharp

Jason calls himself a "professional, passive investor", personally investing in private assets; managing those assets; and bringing along other investors through syndication since 2013.

Seeking a diversification pivot to his investment strategy, Jason directed his entrepreneurial savvy in 2021 to the world of oil and gas with a focus on cash-flowing projects with significant production upside. Acquisitions thus far have delivered production increases well north of 100% and their associated revenues. His current working interest extends beyond 280 wells.

Prior to the energy sector, he syndicated and managed private investments with deep value-add multifamily real estate. His ownership experience surpasses 10,000 units.

During Jason's “career 1.0”, he enjoyed a 20-year entrepreneurial IT profession, co-founding three successful consultancies with a focus on process optimization, automated workflows, and enterprise systems integration.

He is passionate about mentoring others, greatly enjoys cooking, appreciates wine, plays golf, and tells deadpan jokes. Jason holds a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park, MD. He is fluent in French and is an instrument-rated private pilot.


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